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    Welcome to the GeomorphLectures Wiki. You are now registered as a read-only account.You should recieve an email with your login details and password. You do not need to reply to this email. Keep it for your reference.

    The goal of this site is to provide a space where professors and lecturers of geomorphology can freely share educational material.  Please contribute by uploading your powerpoints, movies, and pictures!  To post to the GeomorphLectures Wiki, please send and email to Please include some details about you and your institution so that we can verify that you are a member of the community.   

    Once you have permission to post, you can click on "GeomorphLectures" on the left to go to the home page of the Wiki.  We are attempting to organize the Wiki by topics.  Click on the topic to the left where you would like to contribute (for example, "debris flows"), and then click "Edit Page" to add text (lecture title, date, brief description of content) and upload your material at the bottom.  If you need to add a new topic to the list, click on "GeomorphLectures" to bring you back home and click"New Page" at the top and proceed.  Remember to post your contributions by clicking "New Page" when you are under the site homepage (GeomorphLectures) rather than your own homepage (this page) so the material is visible to everyone.  You can always find the site homepage by clicking "GeomorphLectures" to the left.     

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